What is The Anatomy of Movement Program?

The Anatomy of Movement is a hybrid program consisting of an ONLINE COMPONENT and WORKSHOPS designed to facilitate a better understanding of functional and applied anatomy.

Who Is The Anatomy of Movement Program Designed For?

Whether you’re a strength coach, Yoga instructor, runner, or fitness enthusiast, the Anatomy of Movement program is for you. Rather than teach a specific system or technique, the program is unique in that it focuses on anatomy and how we can apply it to all types of movement.

How Does the Anatomy of Movement Program Work?

The Anatomy of Movement program is designed to provide students with the information found in post-secondary anatomy courses, with an emphasis on muscles, joints, and application to movement and exercise.  Each unit is based on an individual joint or body region and is laid out as follows:

  • Joint Structure and Function
  • Muscle Structure and Function
  • Injury Management
  • Muscle Strength Testing
  • Muscle Length Testing
  • Proprioceptive (Kinesio) Taping
  • Functional Range of Motion

Is The Anatomy of Movement Program accredited?

Upon completion of the Anatomy of Movement online program, individuals are eligible to receive 7 CPTN continuing education credits.